Et si nous faisions connaissance ?

Hello, I am Joel Ray Kalenga and you are in my universe. Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, I have been living in Tunis for almost two years now. I left my passion started on August 4th, 2016, I am a photographer of emotions, I like portraits because of the power of the look, Whether it is excess or lack of expression, these are the key elements of my achievements. My approach is evolutionary, I bring a new visual experience on each of my shots. I like the dynamics of colors in the photo, I like to captivate your attention to freeze you in the moment and make you live of the emotion that emerge my photos. I left everything to live only for photography, It's more than a job, a passion, a game of emotion, an adventure that is not ready to be completed. I often imagine concepts through my own emotions, my pains, my joys and my sorrows, contribute in the realization of my personal projects. I would like to share what I know about photography and my experience with others, it gives me pleasure to be able to inspire others in photography. For me, it's a journey that has just started with photography. My first expo, deep pain, reflects the deep of my emotions. To deepen my vision of things, I like to photograph what I see, to capture the moments that I live, the feelings that I feel. There is still a lot to discover about me and I hope you will enjoy the trip.


This is my universe


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+216 50 856 579